Candidate Area Orientation
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Candidate Area Orientation

Candidate Area Orientation is a highly customized, high-touch service to provide you and your out-of-area recruits with an objective support system made up of experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate experts to ensure the very best decisions, and ultimately, the most successful relocations.

Services Included

  • Initial Consultation – ascertain current situation and potential needs; provide guidanceand counsel on issues such as:
    • Quality of life
    • Commutes
    • Climate
    • Schools
    • Housing market; real estate and/or rental prices
    • Cost of living and affordability
    • Housing types and styles
    • Community characteristics
    • Transportation options
    • Partner employment
    • Sports and recreation
    • Places of worship
    • Child care and elder care
    • Other special needs, wishes, and goals
  • Introduction to Relocation Dimensions’ Online Relocation Guide which includes information
    on housing, community profiles, transportation, schools, culture and recreation
  • Research Specialist engaged to perform research, inquiries, and assimilation of data on any identified needs, as well as schedule pertinent appointments
  • Introduction to experts in our network such as real estate agents, rental consultants, mortgage consultants, educational consultants*, recruiters in spouse’s field, etc.
  • Coordination of area/community tours with qualified and specialized real estate or rental consultants, if applicable, including representative property viewings
  • Face to face counseling upon arrival, if appropriate
  • Continued counsel and support provided throughout the decision process as needed
  • Feedback to corporate client on every aspect of the orientation, with multiple touch points