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Leasing a Home

Buying a Home in the Bay Area

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Buying a home in the Bay Area can be very overwhelming, but also exciting. We have done an extensive search to provide you with community and housing information to focus your pre-arrival home finding efforts. Based on your lifestyle options, commutes, schools, and local real estate practices, we can focus your search on the communities and housing that fit your particular situation.


The key to a successful home search is working with the right real estate professional. There are thousands of real estate agents from whom to choose. How do you select an agent? You don’t have to! We’ve done the research for you. One of our primary services is to make sure that you are introduced to a real estate agent that meets strict selection criteria. Agents who work with us have a proven track record and are committed to providing exceptional service based on experience and knowledge of the market. Agents who we partner with are expected not only to provide comprehensive area tours and show housing, but to educate you and your family about lifestyle options and real estate practices in the area.


In addition, your Relocation Dimensions associate will be available as an objective source of information for you to ask questions and express concerns throughout the homefinding process.

Useful Resources

These are our selections of helpful and useful sites to assist you in the process of finding your new home. Please keep in mind that this is no substitute for having an impartial professional from RELOCATION DIMENSIONS working at your side.

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Property Listings for the U.S.

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Market Data for California

Keys To The New Place

 Programs for First-Time Home Buyers

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

Resources include a

Glossary of Real Estate & Mortgage Terms

Market Analysis

Includes a Mortgage Calculator & Current Mortgage Rates

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